Shipments available to Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Belgium.

Café de especialidad

El café de EthicHub es cultivado de forma sostenible por pequeños productores.
Disfruta en tu casa de un buen café.
Consuming EthicHub specialty coffee implies generating a great social impact and a commitment to sustainability.
" Ethichub partners up with the farmer so that you can buy the coffee without intermediaries and 50% of the profit is sent directly to the producer."

Comparte una taza de café

Haz que tu próximo encuentro puedas compartir un gran café y además hablar de su historia únia y de origen.

Opinions from EthicHubers

It is a spectacular ground coffee, it smells wonderful. After trying it, I have to say that it is the best coffee I have ever tasted. Its aroma, its great flavor, you can see the excellent quality it has.

Alberto Carrera Fajardo

It had been a long time since I stopped drinking coffee in the mornings. With EthicHub coffee, I have regained the pleasure of grinding my coffee while enjoying its aroma. As it is of the Arabica variety and the highest quality, it gives me the energy of real food without the excesses of the caffeine of the Robusta variety, which is what they put on the street in any cafeteria. You can tell that EthicHub is a specialty coffee, and if you also help farmers receive a fair price for their work, it is a real win-win relationship!

Jaime Castefa

I am delighted with my subscription and with the coffee that I can drink every morning. Also, the business model is fair, with great benefits to the farmer. Ethichub represents my values a lot.

Víctor Bueno

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