Terms of service

We roast the coffee the moment the order is placed and before it is picked up by the courier. It is a fresh product with little consumption time. The freshness and quality of our coffee is very important to our clients and that is why when we have already sold and sent the coffee to a client and for whatever reason it is returned to us, we cannot sell it again.

We make returns in the following cases:

Nomad failed to order
The customer does not receive the package by mistake from the shipping company

To request a return or exchange of the product, images of, for any previous situation will be necessary: ​​

Shipping company label
Box where the product arrived
The product or products that must be returned or exchanged
In case of not being able to provide these images, we will not be able to make any change or refund.

For the following cases we do not make returns:

If the coffee / product is in good condition and the customer no longer wants it for any reason.
Due to absence in the delivery time of the package (the shipping company returns the package to us if the end customer has not been able to receive the package. The shipping company calls the customer, sends an SMS and / or sends an email the client to meet at a specific time. If the shipping company cannot contact the client, Nomad is not responsible).
If the package is heat sealed but for some reason the inner zip is open.
Other cases where it was not an error on the part of EthicHub or the shipping company.