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Specialty coffee- filter roast - Irene Roblero


  • Salchiji community. Municipality: Tapachula, Chiapas

Don Irene is a smallholder coffee producer from the Salchiji community, a beautiful little town nestled in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountains. Irene and his family are dedicating to the cultivation of coffee. In just two hectares of land that their plot has, they manage to obtain a small harvest of coffee of excellent quality and exceptional flavor.

Coffee arrived in Chiapas through Guatemala thanks to the influence of the first farms of European immigrants who, at the beginning of the 19th century, introduced the cultivation to the entire Soconusco area, including the slopes of the Tacaná volcano, bordering between these two countries. Coffee trees are found on the slopes of the mountains, on steep terrain, and in the shade, respecting the environment's biodiversity, which adds a special value to such valuable crops.


All EthicHub Coffee comes exclusively from small producers with whom we establish a direct relationship, without intermediaries, so you improve their living standard while enjoying the ideal blend of great impact and exceptional taste.

Strictly High Grown Arabica coffee from micro lots produced by a single farmer, shade-grown at over 1,200 meters above the sea level, under ideal weather conditions to produce the perfect cup of coffee.


250g, 1kg , 3kg


Specialty coffee- Irene Roblero -Ethichub
Irene Roblero / 250g / Whole Beans - €12,00
  • Irene Roblero / 250g / Whole Beans - €12,00
  • Irene Roblero / 250g / Ground - €12,00
  • Irene Roblero / 1kg / Whole Beans - €45,00
  • Irene Roblero / 1kg / Ground - €45,00
  • Irene Roblero / 3kg / Whole Beans - €126,00
  • Irene Roblero / 3kg / Ground - €126,00

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