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👩‍🌾 Honduras- Coffee Communities for Espresso 

 🌍 Communities:

  • El Paraíso, Teosintal, New York, El Níspero, El Palmo, el Balsamo y Arada

These communities are Opalaca Honduras.

Farmers maintain social, economic, and environmental sustainability standards according to EthicHub certified specifications.

Ethical coffee: EthicHub coffee comes exclusively from small producers with whom we establish a direct relationship, without intermediaries, to improve their quality of life while enjoying an ideal blend of significant social impact and exceptional taste of the coffee.



    Varieties Average altitude Process
    Parainema, Ihcafe 90, Lempira, Caturra, Pacas. 1500 masl.. Washed

    Tasting notes

    82.5 points
    Tasting notes
    Citrus, herbs, white sugar Body: Light


    250g, 1kg , 3kg


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