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Coffee blend HORECA - Farmers EthicHub

Coffee blend HORECA - Farmers EthicHub

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👩‍🌾 Coffee Blend - EthicHub Farmers


  • Chanjalé, Chespal, Salchiji , La Soledad y Pavencul. ( Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico)


  • Varieties: Bourbon-Typica y Caturra
  • Average altitude: 1500 masl.
  • Process: Washing


The farmers belong to the Chanjalé, Chespal, Salchiji, La Soledad and Pavencul communities. These communities are located Tapachula Chiapas - Mexico.

Chiapas coffee is recognized for its aroma, intensity, and body, especially that of the mountainous regions of Soconusco, where there are small coffee growers who, for several generations, have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of coffee.

Chanjalé, Chespal, Salchiji, La Soledad and Pavencul, they are all nestled in this beautiful region. Their coffee production is of excellent quality, so the mixture of a careful selection of their beans gives us a perfect balance of all the coffee benefits in this area.