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Take advantage of the Moccamaster KGB 741 SELECT coffee maker pack with the annual subscription of Coffee Blend from Ethichub farmers.

You will receive at home every month a package of 1kg EthicHub Blend Coffee. The first package you will receive in the same month you put the order. Our team will also order and ship the coffee maker you have selected so that it arrives at the address you have left us.

Moccamaster KBG 741 SELECT

-Prepares 1.25 L of coffee, the equivalent of 10 cups of 12.5 cl in only 6 minutes.

- Spraying temperature between 92-96 °C thanks to an adaptive curved heating element and the technology that allows obtaining an optimal temperature down to the last drop.

- Thanks to the interruption, the water will be diffused more slowly for a slower filtering time and, as a result, your coffee will have a more intense flavor.

- New showerhead for a better diffusion on the grind and a more precise extraction.

- Carafe with self-mixing lid for perfect coffee homogenization.

- Automatic shut-off of the heating plate (40 min).

- Triple safety: Carafe against overheating even if the switch is on and automatic switch-off of the heating plate after 40 minutes.

- Transparent tube inside the water reservoir to recognize the limescale level of the machine.

- Anti-drip system to stop the flow of the carafe and avoid contamination.

- Illumination switch.

- Manufactured with movable elements, to facilitate cleaning and preserve the good taste.

- Certified KEMA KEUR Dutch standard - European CE standard.

Café Blend - Ethichub farmers


Chanjalé, Chespal, Salchiji , La Soledad and Pavencul. ( Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico).


Varieties: Bourbon-Typica and Caturra.

Average altitude: 1500 meters above the sea level

Process: Washed

Information Farmers Blend Coffee:

The farmers belong to the communities Chanjalé, Chespal, Salchiji, La Soledad and Coffee from Chiapas is famous for its aroma, intensity, and body, especially in the mountainous regions of Soconusco where there are small coffee growers who for several generations have been dedicated to the cultivation of coffee.

Chanjalé, Chespal, Salchiji, La Soledad, and Pavencul are sister communities, all nestled in this beautiful region. Coffee cultivated in this region is of high quality. Each bean is selected manually.

Coffee arrived in Chiapas through Guatemala thanks to the influence of the first farms of European immigrants who in the early nineteenth century introduced the crop to the entire Soconusco area including the slopes of the Tacaná volcano, bordering these two countries. The coffee trees are found on the slopes of the mountains, on steep terrains, and in the shade, respecting the biodiversity of the environment, which adds a special value to such valuable crops.

Strictly high altitude Arabica coffee, cultivated under the shade of trees at more than 1200 meters above the sea level, under ideal climatic conditions to taste the perfect cup of coffee.

 Ethichub coffee is recognized as an ethical coffee because it comes exclusively from small producers with whom we establish a direct relationship, without intermediaries, to improve their quality of life while you enjoy an ideal blend of great social impact and exceptional flavor.


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