Ethic Box - Pedro Velázquez, Irene Roblero and Manuel Vázquez

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Enjoy our EthicBox and try coffee from our  farmers.

👩‍🌾Coffee Blend, 250g.

👩‍🌾Irene Roblero, 250g.

👩‍🌾Neri Ortíz, 250g.

Ethic Box includes coffees for espresso  from two farmers (Coffee Blend and Irene Roblero) and coffee for Filter coffee from another farmer (Neri Ortíz).

All of them are farmers from EthicHub communities in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico.


Varieties Average altitude Process
Bourbon-Typica y Caturra. 1500 masl.. Washed
Manuel Velázquez e Irene Robrero
Varieties Average altitude Process Harvest Drying type
Bourbon 1700 masl Washed December 2019 Sundry

Tasting notes

Tasting notes
Nuts, cocoa, orange citrus. Mild acided. Creamy body
Cata Puntuación
Chocolate, naranja, nueces, mandarina. Cuerpo cremoso 83.5 puntos
Irene Robrero
Tasting note Scoring
Cherry, chocolate, strawberries, spices, raspberry. Acidity- Winey Medium body. 85 points


250g, 1kg


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