Pearberry coffee 2X1  -  Special offer for Ethichubbers!

Pearberry coffee 2X1 - Special offer for Ethichubbers!

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2x1 Peaberry coffee- EthicHub


Special offer 2X1 - Promo price 6.95€/ Price without promo 13.90€ 


Limited stock. 50 packages of 250g. Only  the whole beans. 


Offer is not cumulative to other promotions.


Pearberry- La soledad community - EthicHub Farmers



  • La soledad



  • Varieties: Bourbon-Typica and Caturra
  • Average altitude: 1500 masl.
  • Process: Washed
  • Harvest: May 2020
  • Drying type: Sun and wind 

Coffee tasting :

  • Sweet woods, fruit, ripe, chocolate. Creamy and soft.
  • 82 points

The history of the farmers at La Soledad

La Soledad is a beautiful place hidden within the majesty of the mountains and the beauty of the clouds at approximately 1700 meters above the sea level. To get there, you need to cross rivers and walk-up narrow paths until reaching this paradise, with an ideal climate and vegetation to obtain coffee with spectacular flavor and quality. 


Coffee arrived in Chiapas through Guatemala thanks to the influence of the first farms of European immigrants who, at the beginning of the 19th century, introduced the cultivation to the entire Soconusco area. 


Coffee plantations are found on the slopes of the mountains, in steep terrain,  the shade, respecting the biodiversity of the environment, which adds special value to such valuable crops. 

Arabica coffee is grown under the shade of trees at more than 1200 meters above the sea level.

It is an ethical coffee because EthicHub coffee comes exclusively from small producers with whom we establish a direct relationship, without intermediaries, to improve their quality of life while enjoying an ideal blend of significant social impact and exceptional flavor.