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Specialty coffee EthicHub. Wholesale
Scoring points above 82 according to SCA.

Do you consume large quantities of coffee in your business?

We propose a constant supply of excellent coffee from EthicHub farmers at very competitive prices.

An initiative designed to generate social impact in Offices, Co-workings, Hotels, Cafeterias, Restaurants, Shops or any other business.

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Specialty coffee

Produced by small expert coffee farming communities

An excellent coffee, with a tasting note of 82%, with the possibility of buying all the production from a single farmer.

Incorporate into your offer an extraordinary Mexican coffee, grown in the best natural conditions, under the shade of the trees

Join the social impact

At EthicHub we not only provide cheap and accessible financing to our farmers, we also open international markets

Half of the net profit from your purchase has a direct impact on farmers

We want to value the work done by what is the weakest link in the distribution chain.

By consuming EthicHub's coffee, you contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty and contribute to its socio-economic development.

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Wholesale purchases?

We invite you to contact us and explore the possibility of accessing our offers for large quantity purchases of a magnificent coffee.

We offer a constant supply throughout the year of large quantities of roasted coffee beans and ground coffee at very competitive prices.

You win, we win, small coffee producers win

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Grown in the middle of nature, under the shade of trees, favoring sustainability and respect for the environment.

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Coffee with more than 82% score obtained in independent tastings and in constant improvement to raise the level of quality year after year.

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Social impact

We promote the financial inclusion and socio-economic development of small producer communities in their countries of origin. Rarely can a cup of coffee leave a better taste in your mouth!

Technical information ETHICHUB coffee farmers.

🌍 Area: Soconusco coffee zone, Chiapas, Mexico.
📦 Varieties:(Bourbon, Typica, Caturra): grown under shade of trees -Shade Grown- and in line with the social, economic and environmental sustainability standards of the EthicHub Certificate.
⛰ Altitude: Strictly High (Strict Hardness)1200-1800 masl

🏷 Trazabilidad completa hasta cada pequeño agricultor.

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